Flexmount blower 12V

Manufacturer: Jabsco
Manufacturer part number: 35515-0010
Jabsco engine compartment blowers are primarily used to remove smoke and steam from the engine compartments of ships, especially on gasoline engines before starting, in order to protect against ignition.

They can also be used for fresh air intake or exhaust in any accommodation space.

Flexmount blowers are installed by attaching the mounting collar to any suitable solid surface.

It can be rotated in multiple directions to enable the shortest possible installations.


-Connections: for 75mm ducting
-Dimensions: 170mm long, 140mm high, 130mm wide
-Fuse Size: 6(amp)
-Output: AIR FLOW - 3 cu.m/minute
-High volume air intake or extraction blowers for engine room fuel compartment, galley or heads
-Outlet flange mounts directly on bulkhead
-Made in corrosion-resistant materials
-Quiet running