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NaviLED 360 - Compact all round navigation lamps

NaviLED 360 - Compact all round navigation lamps

Model: White anchor light NaviLED 360

(Catalog number: HE980.960-011)

Purpose: Anchor light

Dimensions: width and length 60 [mm ], height 56 [mm]

Visibility: 2 [NM] (3.7 km)

Power supply: arbitrary from 9 to 33 [V]

Consumption: less than 1 [W]

Overvoltage protection: up to 500 [V]

Weight: 90 [g]

Main features

  • NaviLED®360 technology enables consumption of less than 1W, which provides significant energy savings with standard anchor light visibility of at least 2 nautical miles.
  • No maintenance.
  • The housing made of high-quality plastic provides high mechanical protection against shocks and vibrations, protection from atmospheric influences as well as 100% UV protection from the sun.
  • Stainless materials used.
  • Large power supply range of 9-33[V]
  • Protection against possible incorrect connection of the power supply polarity.
  • Meets international certificates COLREG, USCG, ABYC A-16, Wheelmark, RCD, Maritime NZ.

The mentioned product HELLA MARINE is available at M.A.G.-D.D. (www.magdd.hr).