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M.A.G.-D.D.: your destination for luxury boat fenders Polyform US

M.A.G.-D.D.: your destination for luxury boat fenders Polyform US

Dear sea lovers,

With pride, we continue our longstanding and loyal partnership with Polyform US, the leading fender manufacturer from the United States. For five years now, M.A.G.-D.D. has been your premier destination for top-quality fenders, expertly crafted to protect your boat and elevate your sailing experiences to new levels of luxury.

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Polyform US is synonymous with excellence in fender production, and for many years, they have been available to you through M.A.G.-D.D. These fenders are recognizable in marinas worldwide. What particularly excites us are the new innovations we have introduced to our range.

You can now choose between A2, F2, and F3 fender models, with standard options as well as in black, providing an extra touch of elegance to your vessel.


Our latest shipment of containers from America has just arrived, full of fenders and fender covers. Be among the first to see and feel the difference when your boat is protected by fenders from M.A.G.-D.D.

Vaš M.A.D.-D.D. tim!

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